Recently we’ve caught wind of internal e-mails undermining the public messaging from Governor Deval Patrick’s administration about somewhat controversial push to block rate increases on health insurance premiums.

As a Boston Herald editorial summarized:

Just in case anyone thought the Patrick administration’s health insurance rate cap was anything other than an exercise in raw political pandering, along comes a set of e-mails that proves the point.

Thanks to a Freedom of Information request made by State House News Service, we now have a glimpse into how the administration crafted and rallied to defend what has turned out to be an indefensible policy.

Many of the e-mails were in response to a column by Mike Widmer, head of the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation, who pointed out what a dreadful idea the rate cap was. But the oped, which ran in The Boston Globe on March 17, did nothing to prevent the administration from going ahead with the cap officially on April 1. The e-mails showed administration officials were less concerned about the policy than about the spin!

The Associated Press had apparently filed its own  request for the e-mails discussing the rate cap, but one thing is conspicuously missing from both reports: The actual e-mails themselves.  Not surprising, but a bit obnoxious: Why can’t we see for ourselves how the Patrick administration was discussing the proposed internally? Soon, state willing, we will. MuckRock has filed our own request (click the link if you’re a registered member), which we’ve reproduced below the fold.