Looking for inspiration for future requests and templates, we regularly scour the web to find out what’s going on in the world of FOI, be it a groundbreaking new request, a cool bit of advice or a fun opinion piece. All of our links can be found here anytime, and if you find something you think we’d be interested in, drop us a line at tips@MuckRock.com.

And now, without further ado, your FOI Friday:

  • ACLU questions Missouri’s limited supply of lethal drug as execution draws near: Via a Freedom of Information request, the American Civil Liberties Union of Eastern Missouri has found that the state lacks the sodium thiopental necessary to guarantee a painless execution to convict Richard Clay. The finding might have even lead to the unusual commuting of Clay’s sentence to life in prison.
  • Suit Against HHS to Obtain Documents Regarding Obamacare Waivers: Government watchdog group Judicial Watch has filed a FOIA request with the Department of Health and Human Services, hoping to shine a light on what they believe to be corruption in the health care overhaul’s waiver process.
  • Richmond police: Give that back: Last month in Richmond, a citizen filed a FOI request for, and received, copies of the various police training manuals for the city. However, as soon as the city realized that the request had been filed by an anarchist and member of the group Richmond Copwatch, they demanded the documents back and ordered the Copwatch group to remove them from their website. They initially filed for an injunction that would permanently prevent the online dissemination of the documents, but the police eventually dropped their case.
  • Maine sheriff sues for info on deputies’ drug work: Donnie Smith, Sheriff of Washington county, Maine, believes that some of his deputies have been misusing money while on drug agency assignments. He has filed a FOI request to find out where the money–around $3,000–ended up.
  • Giffords Shooting Raises Questions about Security for Lawmakers: In more somber news, this article at National Journal online explores the dangerous game politicians now play in the aftermath of the shooting of Rep. Giffords. POLITICO has released information showing that the FBI has, in the past 10 years, investigated 236 threats against politicians’ lives. We’ve filed a similar request for the complete documents.
  • Heated Debate: In Memphis, a feud between the city and the local firefighters’ union escalated after the union, filing a FOI request with the city’s General Services Division, discovered extremely high charges for simple maintenance procedures, such as switching a battery. The city government has responded by claiming an issue in the General Services Division’s computers.
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