We’ve been really late in this post, but it’s just a factor of our efforts to actually get the documents rather than a sign of any ungratefulness: We owe a HUGE thank you to the 22 people who helped fund our request for the 2009 Somerville Campaign Finance Reports. Each and every one of you rocks in ways you cannot imagine. We’d like to give special thanks and┬árecognition┬áto PostSomerville.com’s Tom Nash, who originally filed the request and agreed to un-embargo it so we could try this crowdsourcing experiment; to SomervilleVoices’ Barry Rafkind, who not only donated but helped promote the fundraising; to Ward5Online‘s Courtney O’Keefe who also helped promote the assignment; and particular to Spot.us and David Cohn, who encouraged us to try the program.

In all, the Spot.us experience was a resounding success and we look forward to helping fund similar, local FOI requests many times again in the future.

We also hit a minor milestone we’ve been celebrating: Our hundredth FOI request filed. So far, in response, we’ve received 15 completed requests, over 4,000 pages of documents, several spreadsheets and database and only three out right rejections. We’re looking forward to pushing all of those numbers up, with your help and direction, over the next few months.

Thanks again for helping us hit both these milestones.

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